How Education can be made more Appealing to International Students

International students choose to study in universities they are convinced have lecturers who make teaching appealing to them. Most times, students also consider universities which have the capacity and history of giving students value for their time and money. However, studying can get boring and overly demanding. So let’s find out how education can be made more appealing to international students.

Universities have a duty to employ the best hands and utilize best practices in the pursuit of academic excellence. But there’s no gainsaying that it takes a passionate, well-trained and experienced lecturer to make education appealing to students. Towards the end of academic sessions, students tend to feel tired, stressed out and less interested. This makes it difficult for them to absorb information disseminated in class. Tag along as we consider how education can be made more appealing to international students.

  • Import Fun into Learning

Learning becomes easy when it is done in fun. Using events/stories to explain a subject matter, not only makes the class fun but makes the knowledge learned through this process unforgettable. A lecturer needs to smile and laugh more than he/she frowns. This endears students to lecturers specifically. It also keeps students interested and engaged as well. It is believed that students do all they can to understand and pass a course taken by a lecturer they admire.

  • Relate Topics of Discourse to Students’ Lives

Making students personalize topics of discourse has a way of making them see the topics the way you want them to see it. This prepares them for the lesson and gives them the impetus to want to learn more about the topic. For instance, in a psychology class, making them see how psychology applies to their everyday lives will make them see the topic as real and not abstract. This kind of interest by students has a multiplier effect on the advancement of education generally.  

  • Make it Interactive

Students generally want to be impacted with knowledge in an interactive atmosphere. Little wonder you have students classify lecturers based on features ranging from boring, fun, or interesting to interactive. Making a classroom interactive improves lecturer and student learning. Also, it encourages students who are shy/timid to speak up. For instance, a student, who contributes to a class, will not forget the subject matter discussed. This further aids the retention of knowledge and collaboration among students and lecturers.

  • Use Technology

With the advent of technology, lecturers can make learning easy, convenient and impactful. As technology relates to every human endeavour, this can be leveraged upon. For instance, students download class materials from the internet, submit assignments via mail, and use powerpoint to make presentations. This keeps them engaged, and interested in the learning process. In addition, it creates an avenue for students to become more IT inclined.

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