UN Global Climate Action Awards for Climate Change Innovators in Scotland 2021

The UN Climate Change’s Momentum for Change initiative invites applications for the UN Global Climate Action Awards for Climate Change Innovators in Scotland in 2021.

Particular areas of interest include projects successfully implemented by institutions, initiatives, programs or other activities that address climate change mitigation or adaptation. This is while focusing on one of these three areas:

  • Climate Neutral Now, recognizing efforts by individuals, companies and governments that are achieving real results in transitioning to climate neutrality.
  • Financing for Climate Friendly Investment, recognizing successful financial innovations for climate change adaption and mitigation.
  • Climate Leaders, recognizing transformational efforts by governments at all levels (national, provincial, state, city, town) that are moving the needle on climate change.

Worth of Award

Award winners of the UN Global Climate Action Awards receive the following benefits package:

I.  Engagement with policymakers

  • Recognition by the UN Climate Change secretariat;
  • Depending on global travel restrictions and the ongoing pandemic, award winners may receive funded attendance for the UN Climate Change Conference. This is apart from winners under the Financing for Climate Friendly Investments and Climate Leaders categories, which need to be self-funded to attend the Conference;
  • Opportunities to present work to policymakers during the UN Climate Change Conference.
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II.  Public relations support

  • Concentrated media engagement effort prior to and during the UN Climate Change Conferences, including placement of opinion pieces and earned media;
  • The on-going digital campaign, including social media, email marketing, and promotion on the UN Climate Change website. Marketing support Promotional videos; Dedicated webpage on the UN Climate Change website; Interactive annual reports; Professional photography.


Your activity must meet the eligibility criteria for its respective area of focus. Please note that each of the three areas of focus has its own criteria. In order to meet the basic eligibility criteria, the activity must be

  • already implemented or in the course of implementation;
  • scalable and/or replicable with potential for long-term impact;
  • innovative and/or demonstrate the potential for long-term transformational change;

It must also

  • Address climate change mitigation or adaptation;
  • Deliver verifiable social and environmental benefits;
  • Not be registered or have intentions to register as a clean development mechanism (CDM) or joint implementation (JI) initiative in the next two years.
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How to Apply

All applications are to be made online via the official website.

Deadline: Applications are being accepted from February 8 through April 30, 2021.


Click here for more details and to apply