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African Students For Interfaith Tolerance (ASFIT) Young Peacebuilders Fellowship for Ghanaian Residents 2021

African Students For Interfaith Tolerance (ASFIT) invites applications for the Young Peacebuilders Fellowship Programme for Ghanaian Residents in 2021.

ASFIT Young Peacebuilders Fellowship Programme is designed to offer young people already in peacebuilding and those interested in peace the opportunity to be mentored, coached and trained by seasoned experts of dialogue, youth, peace, and security.

The fellowship includes an initial interaction or orientation webinar, in-person and visits to religious sites and leaders as well as intensive three training-focused webinars. The fellowship will begin with 50 fellows as a start and will be competitively selected.

Worth of Award



  • train and build the capacity of youth to understand the concepts related to the Youth4Peace agenda including awareness creation on UNSCR2250 and the sustainable development goals.
  • raise awareness among youth participants on their role in managing and transforming conflicts.
  • strengthen the understanding of the different concepts around conflicts, violence, and peace.
  • imbibe in participants the need to preserve peace and the importance of using peaceful methods to resolving misunderstandings and disputes.
  • highlight the strengths of togetherness regardless of religious, political, or ethnic affiliation.
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  • Participants are expected to exhibit a better understanding of the various concepts of peacebuilding including a clear understanding of the various forms of violence (cultural, structural, and physical) negative/positive peace, conflicts, etc.
  • Participants will become aware of the various policy frameworks on youth4peace and apply them in their peacebuilding activities. For example, localization of the UNSCR2250 etc.
  • Additionally, participants and to a large extent the community will learn more about the sustainable development goals known as global goals and how they can assist in their achievement.
  • Empowerment of youth participants with the right skills and tools to actively engage in peace processes and advocacy.
  • Participants are expected to become focal persons of youth4peace agenda localization and work towards the achievement of sustainable development goal 16.


In order to be eligible for this fellowship, candidates must

  • be 35 years or younger
  • able to communicate in English
  • reside in Ghana
  • be committed to the concept of peace and interreligious dialogue
  • possess a phone, tablet, or PC to be able to join training sessions.
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How to Apply

All applications should be made online via the official website.

Deadline: The deadline for application is Saturday, May 29, 2021, 11:59 pm GMT.

Click here for more details and to apply