IFCN Global Fact Checking Mentorship Program in USA 2021

The Poynter Institute for Media Studies invites applications for the IFCN Global Fact Checking Mentorship Program in the USA in 2021.

The International Fact Checking Network Mentorship Program will match signatories to the IFCN with demonstrated expertise in specific topics with other IFCN signatory organizations with an interest in enhancing skill sets in those areas. Applicants must define their area of expertise and intended audience for impact. Mentorship topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Detecting misinformation on social media: How to use monitoring tools and sourcing tips to identify potential misinformation.
  • Communicating fact checks with innovative formats: How to use videos, podcasts, memes, and other unique formats to communicate fact-checks to a wider audience.
  • Industry collaboration: How to effectively partner with other fact-checking organizations and publishers, particularly during breaking news events, to better address misinformation.
  • Media literacy: How to start media literacy campaigns and other initiatives to help local communities spot misinformation.
  • Training and operations: How to build effective training programs and operational tactics to help fact-checking organizations better address misinformation.
  • Health and science misinformation: How to approach scientific claims and create a system to increase an organization’s capacity to debunk health misinformation.
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Worth of Award

  • Selected mentors will receive $50,000, distributed in payments.
  • Selected mentees will receive $5,000 upon completion of the training.


For Mentors,

  • The program is open to IFCN signatories, fact-checking organizations as well as ecosystem partners that have demonstrated success or expertise in a given area.
  • Mentors will be required to provide educational materials to support other fact-checkers and journalists.
  • Applications that include a partnership between an IFCN signatory and other organizations will also be considered but would require an additional MOU which will be provided in the application.

For Mentees,

  • All mentees must be signatories to the IFCN Code of Principles in good standing.
  • They must also commit to completing all required training and assignments.
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How to Apply

All applications for the IFCN Global Fact Checking Mentorship Program should be made online via the official website.

Deadline: Applications close December 3rd, 2021.


Click here for more details and to apply